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Turnyn and PAVE: A Case Study on Automated Inspection Driving Vehicle Acquisition Growth

Case Study


Turnyn replaced physical, in-person vehicle inspections with PAVE, gaining a robust and automated way to assess consumer trade-in values accurately and efficiently as the company expands.

  • Location

    Brooklyn, New York, USA

  • 7X

    Improvement in complete, quality inspection images

  • 3,000

    Vehicles acquired in the last year

  • Fully Scaleable

    Supports vehicle acquisition process at scale


As a dealer-centric acquisition platform, Turnyn combines the best of both traditional trade-in tools and acquisition solutions to simplify the valuation process for dealers. From a single platform, Turnyn collects details about a consumer’s vehicle and relevant personal information, and then connects dealers with customers to complete transactions directly via a cash certificate.


Provide dealers with more insight about the history and condition of the inventory they acquire from customers with a vehicle inspection platform that can scale to support rapid growth.
"The scale of the acquisition process would not have been possible without PAVE. There's definitely an efficiency that PAVE affords us that we simply could not do without."

Alex Katzenstein Co-founder, Turnyn


For Turnyn, the best is yet to come as it supercharges its success with PAVE. More and more dealers across North America are discovering the platform, providing valuable feedback on how to optimize the experience.

“We’re in the early stages, but we’re confident that we’ve found the right mix of people, process, and technology to achieve long-term success,” says Katzenstein. “With PAVE, we are putting the keys back into the dealer’s hands, allowing them to offer fair, accurate, and consistent valuations each and every time.”

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Turnyn and PAVE: A Case Study on Automated Inspection Driving Vehicle Acquisition Growth