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PAVE is an advanced virtual vehicle inspection platform that detects over 350 specific damages of varying severity and automatically provides damage detection, categorization, severity assessment, and repair action via our APIs and graded condition reports.

Go Rentals, a leading car rental company with locations across the United States, recently implemented PAVE to streamline its vehicle inspection process. Charles Rosario, national fleet sales manager with Go Rentals, has provided insights into the platform.

Rosario has seen firsthand the impact of PAVE on Go Rentals' operations. "Having automated inspections and instant condition reports at our rental locations allow us to make better decisions on whether to send units to auction or sell them directly, which helps lower our overall cost to sell by avoiding transportation expenses and auction fees," he explains.

The technology has also bolstered internal benefits and strengthened external relationships, particularly with dealer buyers. Rosario highlighted that the automated condition reports foster greater transparency, allowing for increased residual values of the rental units.

A specific scenario where PAVE truly demonstrated its value was during the sale of a Bentley to a client in Florida. "If not for the comprehensive condition report provided by PAVE, the sale would not have happened," Rosario recalls, highlighting how essential the technology has been in resolving particularly challenging issues related to vehicle inspection or remarketing.

Go Rentals effectively leveraged PAVE in its initial strategy, sending condition reports to franchise dealers nationwide. This strategy has allowed buyers to purchase with more confidence, expedited the payment process, and improved efficiencies.

Since the implementation of PAVE, the feedback from our team has been overwhelmingly positive. "The team likes the ease of use and speed that the condition reports are uploaded to the system," Rosario notes. Training and adapting to this new system were seamlessly integrated with no significant challenges, reflecting the technology’s ease of integration into existing processes.

Rosario explains that a key factor in choosing PAVE was the ability to capture condition reports easily at their locations without disrupting day-to-day operations, adding that an unexpected benefit has been the ability to share condition report links with prospective buyers, streamlining the sales process further; calling it “a game changer.”

Since implementing PAVE, Go Rentals has enhanced its market competitiveness. Rosario advises other companies in the automotive sector considering similar technological advancements not to hesitate, as these inspection tools significantly enhance transparency and efficiency. “If you are looking for transparency into your fleet’s condition, look no further. PAVE is the way to GO!” he recommends.

The power of innovative technologies like PAVE provides companies, including dealers and automotive fleets, a way to optimize their operations and realize the benefits of artificial intelligence within the automotive sector.

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